Not for everyone

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

― Coco Chanel

Not for everyone. Morfloor designs your floor. For any space where all the elements are special and details are present everywhere. Morfloor parquets are not just for floor coverings. Here we are dealing with a kind of art that, inspired by nature and geometry, gives character to the floor of the house. Morfloor avoids conventional production norms. It doesn’t have to be rectangular; it doesn’t have to be similar, and it’s not even necessary to use wood with an orientation similar to all the products on the market. In that sense, Morfloor wooden flooring is luxurious and is not for everyone. Being unique, along with being professional and, most importantly, loving nature is our way. Breaking the conventional production cycle is our mission. And of course, with every product we build, every project we participate in, and every expert we hire, we are one step closer to our goal.

Morfloor offers super luxurious and distinctive parquet floors. We do not produce for everyone! If your design is as unique as yours, we think the same.


The wonderful design of parquets is the result of thinking about the smallest details. This ultimately shapes the overall floor design in the best way. Specialized knowledge and the use of materials with the desired quality, allows us to design wood parquet in a precise and professional process, and through this to produce a customer order appropriate and tailored to the details of their needs and wants.



Great design lies in pondering, in details that eventually make up the whole, binding an interior together. Our expertise and high-end materials let us provide designer finishes in a careful process through which we create custom-made tones and details to suit the customer’s needs and wishes. Using new, state-of-the-art finishing machinery together with the highest quality toning and finishing materials, we are able to develop a vast array of different colors and effects, providing you with some of the diversity we all desire in life. We combine advanced technology and brilliant materials with artisanal handicraft to satisfy the palates of architects and designers with carefully blended tones.


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