Life is not a straight line

We strongly believe this to be a good thing. It’s where we can express our love of nature and life; it’s where we can embrace and celebrate the twists and turns, the imperfections that make us who we are. At Morfloor, we work hard to preserve and use the curves that nature gives us, in our products, in our work, in our lives.
Our floors are manufactured in limited editions and are always custom-made. Just like a fingerprint or a retina is unique to each person, so is Morfloor for each project. Each Morfloor is tailor-made per the customer’s request and test-assembled at least twice before shipping, to ensure the highest quality and a perfect match.



Great design lies in pondering, in details that eventually make up the whole, binding an interior together. Our expertise and high-end materials let us provide designer finishes in a careful process through which we create custom-made tones and details to suit the customer’s needs and wishes.


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Curvy roads are always the interesting ones! Just like a fingerprint or a retina is unique to each person, so is Riemann to each project!
w1 (2)
The floor retains our signature oddity, with the variable width and length hardwood floorboards creating a visually stimulating effect that’s hard to miss.