Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility, An organization, is a set of duties and responsibilities that the organization performs to maintain, care for and help the community in which it operates. Naturally, this responsibility is beyond the economic and financial sphere of the company. Morfloor’s policies in sustainable development have put this issue on the table from the very beginning. In this regard, Morfloor has acted as a sponsor in some areas.

So far, Morfloor has defined and is active in three areas and four areas of social responsibility:

1: Environmental sector: According to Morfloor wood products, the focus of this sector is in the field of arboriculture and forestry development in general and its training and growth for Morfloor customers in particular.

2: Sports section: To spread the culture of sports in the country, Morfloor has established a rugby team. Morfloor (fallow deer rugby team) is currently the proudest active rugby team in the country.

3: Education section: This section is active in two different areas.

3.1: Morfloor Academy: The vision and activity of the academy are to hold training workshops, have technical tours, virtual training and provide a free educational portal for the public in the field of the wood industry.

3.2: Tavana Nano Lab: Supporting the education of Iranian children and students to learn the basic concepts of nanotechnology is one of the most important social responsibility activities in the field of education.

The chart shows the Morfloor organizational infrastructure in the field of social responsibility.